Lord Dragos

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Lord DragosEdit

Lord Dragos is a powerful Warlock & THe Leader of his Group, The Shadow Nexus. Dragos is the main antagonist from the The Beast Legion Manga . He rules over his minions with an iron fist & his magic powers are unparallel on Lithopia. He has a very noble yet deadly presence. He & The Shadow Nexus have their base set in the Blood Cliffs of North Lithopia, know as Fort Dominion. Not much has been revealed about his true power but some of them include manipulation of Shadows & A Sapphire flame blast, & Crystal Prison.

Beast Form:

Sapphire Dragon: (Yet to appear in the manga)

At present his origin is unkown, but he was defeated once by King Vokan along with the help of Master Surya & exiled to the spirit dimension known as the Hell hole but the propecy predicted his return.

Issue 1: Darkness Rising : The whole issue starts with the prophecy which mentions Dragos' return when the planets fall into allignment. Dragos is freed by his loyal pet, Koylax with the unwitting aid of two theives Glitch & Gorgo.

Dragos set free..

He instantly shows his ruthlessness by attacking Glitch & Gorgo, however they are saved bt the scepre of Darkness. He then uses Shadow solidification to kill the Lithopian soldiers guarding his fort & declares an attack on the capital City.

During the attack he uses a huge beast as his mount, but doesn't really get involved in the upfront attack & let's his Cheif General Stampede destroy the gate.

Issue 2: The Attack begins: THis issue highlights Dragos' personality & merciless nature. Although he is surprised by Vokan's attack which takes down is gigantic mount he remains unmoved despite Vokan transforming into his Beast form.

Dragos attacks Vokan

Within a moment he turns the tie of battlew by blasting Vokan & destroys his 'Beast Transfer' helmet showing his disrespect. He also burns Gato, one of Vokan's trusted followers, alive without any remorse.

Drgos towers over a weakened Vokan

After transforming he uses his saphire flames to trap the souls of all the soldiers & warriors on the battle ground encasing them into a large Crystal structure. He later reveals that the spell canot be undone ever.

However he shares a soft spot for the Queen but notr much is revealed.

Issue 4: To face the Enemy: Xeus doesn't fully trust Gorgorath & send Stampede to monitor his actions. However after Xeus defeates Gorgorath, Dragos makes his appearance at the Lithopian forstress felt.

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