Shadow Nexus

Shadow Nexus

The Shadow Nexus are a collection of Demons gathered together to serve under Dragos. Each of these powerfuul warriors have their own unique attitudes & Traits as well as their own Beast Forms. There are the main antagonists of the series.

Even though they have differences they work perfectly as a unit under Dragos' command. Although at present a very few major members of the Shadow Nexus are revealed there will indeed be a ton of other warriors that will make theoir appearances as the manga continues.

Even though Dragos is the leader Stampede shares as much authority as second-in -command

So far the following members have made their apperance in the manga:

Name Designation Beast Form SPECIAL ATTACKS (known)
Dragos Supreme Ruler Sapphire Dragon Crystal Prison, Sapphire flames, Shadow Manipulation
Stampede Head General Wooly Mamoth Seismic Stomp
Gorgorath Commander None Fear Grip, Hypnosis, Retracting claws, Eye Blasts
Viper Twins Commander Viperos(Combine Formation) Overkill spin, Crush
ShapeShifter Unkown N/A